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Elaine is a woman with a call of God on her life. God has been her number one passion since she was a small child. She began teaching Sunday school as a ten-year-old and still enjoys relating to people through the spoken word. Now she also relates with the written word.

She belongs to Christian Storytellers and Faith Writers writing groups. She is committed to writing books that inspire and entertain. Your reactions to her books are important to her and word of mouth is the best advertisement in the world...especially for books. When you read a book by Elaine Littau, please make it a point to pass it around and also to tell other people about it. There is always another book in the works. Keep watching for the latest release.

"I am focused on providing books that entertain and inspire. I also love to tell humorous stories and give inspirational messages to groups. Somehow, my inspirational messages turn out to be humorous also. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me." ~Elaine

Why I write
When I think of the subject matter of each of the books I have written and have in my head to write, I see issues that I have had to deal with. Of course, the issues the characters have walked through are amped up from situations I have gone through.

In writing "Nan's Journey", I learned how to forgive. "Elk's Resolve" walked me through praying about depression and loss, "Luke's Legacy" reminded me that God has no grandchildren. We all must decide to have Him as our Father. We can't decide for anyone else. Dealing with rejection was the lesson I learned in "The Eyes of a Stranger".  "Timothy's Home" reminded me that every soul is valuable to the Lord. "Some Happy Day" taught me that no matter how bad things get, there is a better day in the future. "Capture the Wandering Heart" deals with abuse and family. Learning how to move past the pain. "Six Miles from Nashville" reminded me of plunging into adulthood after high school. I was reminded of how my relationship with others has shaped me and my life. The council of godly people helped me through tough times. "Walk Slowly Through the Dark" has taught me lessons of persistence and hope.

Contemporary Books by Elaine Littau
In the Fall of 2012, while I was painting the stairs up to my bedroom, I was contemplating the upcoming writing Challenge, NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month). I had made up my mind to write the sequel to "Capture the Wandering Heart", but there was unrest in my imagination.
I had the storyline in my head. It would be easy to just go with it, but something was wrong. I couldn't get into it like I wanted to. While I painted I felt that I needed to do something completely different so that the writing would stay fresh.
The1970s are special to me because that is the time period in which I became a young person on my own. The story of Betty Barnes almost wrote itself. I hope you enjoy "Six Miles From Nashville."
 I strive to write books that cause the reader to pause and think a little. They are not terribly deep, but hopefully, the reader will see something that will aid them in their life's walk.

"Six Miles from Nashville, Book I of the Nashville Series. This book was not what I expected at all. I was figuring this would be some mushy-gooshy romance. Instead, I have been moved to tears with a sweet story of a young woman trying to find herself and hang on to God & her dignity through the influences of the 70's." ~Dawnita Fogelman

This interview is pretty interesting. They asked questions that really made me search my heart. Click on this link to read it. If you are an author or artist you can click on it and follow the directions to do your own interview. It is an eye opening process.
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