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Elaine--I finished the book, "Christmas in Nashville" and I liked it! I have enjoyed all 10 of your books! They are about "Down-to-earth" people like us trying to live a good life!! I like the way you include The Lord and how we try to live a life that would Please Him!!
My name is A C and I work with M. She gave me the “Christmas in Nashville” last week and normally I do not like to read. I would rather work on some kind of craft. I started reading this book because I knew she would ask me if I liked it.
I could not put the book down. My husband would walk into the room and my nose was in this book; he ask what I was reading because he never saw me read like this. I would be reading and get mad because I had to stop and iron or make dinner.
I told  that I wanted all your books. I have to go back and read the first book of this series “Six Miles from Nashville”
Hi Elaine,
Becky tagged you in a post.

Becky wrote: "First off you have to understand that I am not a person who likes to read, but oh my goodness do I have a couple of books to recommend. Elaine Littau has 2 books in her "The Nashville Series". The first is 6 Miles from Nashville, and the other is Christmas in Nashville! I have just finished reading both of them. These two and all of her others are such easy reads. Thank you Elaine for the message you put in them, the message of hope and the never-ending love of Jesus. Now I am just hoping you have another one out soon!! (I also love that there are little bits of the Tx Ok Panhandle in them!!! )"
Capture the Wandering Heart January 8, 2013
My late friend, Anna Mae, introduced me to Elaine's books. At first I was hesitant to believe her glowing report, but the first book hooked me! I have read each book from the very first and this latest book in her new series "Capture the Wandering Heart" is probably her best to date.

But all of them are excellent! Once you start reading it is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to lay the book down until it...Read More
My late friend, Anna Mae, introduced me to Elaine's books. At first I was hesitant to believe her glowing report, but the first book hooked me! I have read each book from the very first and this latest book in her new series "Capture the Wandering Heart" is probably her best to date.

But all of them are excellent! Once you start reading it is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to lay the book down until it is finished. And the only drawback is waiting for the next book to come out! (Elaine, you need to write faster!LOL) I like the way she weaves the message of the gospel through each book no matter whether the characters are good or bad; God's love always prevails.

She has definitely become one of my favorite authors! I hope there are many books yet to come from her gifted hand.
Barb wrote: "Hey, you guys! I have recommended Elaine Littau's books before! Here is her website! She has a drawing for a Kindle! If you have read her books go to her website and see how you can win! If you haven't read her books, go to her website and order! LOL. They are great Christian Fiction books and not the predictable norm! They are quite realistic and show some ugly truths about life! You will not be disappointed! In fact, after reading the 5 books in her first series, the characters seem so real, you almost think of them as family! Good luck winning the Kindle cause I am praying to win, too!"
Another reader wrote:
 It is so cute, my elderly (age 83) little lady friend keeps telling me where she is in each book. She is speaking of the characters by name so fondly for a minute I have to stop and think who she is talking about. The tone of her voice is though she is talking about one of her grand kids. After a few seconds, I realize she is talking about the book she is reading. And ever so often, I hear a little giggle coming from the living room. She has found some place that strikes her a bit funny. I am getting double the pleasure out of these books. First, I enjoyed them, now I enjoy her enjoying them!
Iris said:
I am REALLY, REALLY enjoying your books. I've read two and almost finished now with a 3rd just since you were here. You are soooooo much better than so many of the "ho-hum" authors of books I've checked out at the library!!!! Bless you friend. I love you.
Debby wrote: "@[743210417:2048:Elaine Littau], you did it again! You kept me riveted to your book as always! I did actually put it down halfway through when Daniel came home but only because I could hardly keep my eyes open since i had been up since 6:30am and it was midnight. But I got up this morning and finished Luke's Legacy! You are an awesome story teller! I love how your stories flow! And are real to life, bad stuff does happen and there isn't always a happy ending for everyone AND there are consequenses for choices made but God's healing grace, mercy and forgiveness can cover all!! Thank you for using your God given ability to tell a great story!! Can't wait to start on the next book!"
Rhonda tagged you in a post.

Rhonda wrote: "My friend, Elaine Littau, has done it again! Her latest book, "Capture the Wandering Heart" is amazing! In the past week, I read the last two in the Nan's Heritage Series (Eyes of a Stranger, and Timothy's Home), then read this second book in her new series. Elaine, all the books are wonderful, but you just get better and better! I love the way Elaine presents the gospel message and weaves God's saving grace into and throughout each story! And this time, how fun to find characters given names of people I've known since childhood! I highly recommend all of Elaine's books!!! Only complaint I have is ---- Elaine, you don't write as fast as I read! I'm ready for the next one, now!"
The first book I read by Elaine Littau was The Eyes of a Stranger. I was quickly taken in with the characters and Elaine's style of writing, so I was eager to read Some Happy Day. There are many characters in Some Happy Day and I found myself identifying with many of them along their personal journeys. Though I did not go through the same experience as each character, the feelings they express are feelings all of us can relate to in some way. There is Nobel who finds a baby in a field and instantly feels the need to protect her even at the risk of his own future. Then we have Myrtle Jennings, a young woman, whose life is changed when strangers abduct her. Myrtle feels she is now damaged goods, unworthy of someone else's love. Constance Brooks, an orphan herself, spent years taking care of other people's children. Her world is turned on its axis when she finds out the truth about her own parents. Will she ever find happiness? In addition, I really enjoyed the character of Nate Young (Grandpa). His wisdom was refreshing. Each chapter of Some Happy Day left me wanting more, which is nice since this is the first book in Elaine Littau's "Rescued" series. I believe readers will find themselves captivated by both the characters and their stories!
I finished reading Some Happy Day (Rescued...A Series of Hope), rated it 5 stars, and wrote a Lisa's bookshelf has 203 books including Gathering Blue & The Next Accident.
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Elaine Littau just might be the Laura Ingalls Wilder of the 21st century with her writings...Look for this series as well as the Nan's Heritage series of books!
Praise for "Some Happy Day"
With the start of her first book of this new series, Some Happy Day from Rescued...A Series of Hope, Littau creates a complex plot weaving all five main characters and a host of minor characters througheveryday traumas and problems that will grasp your interest and not let go until the last word is read. Her impeccable research knits the best and worst in each character togetherallowing room for you to love or hate each one. I found once the first chapter is started, it's hard to put the book down until the last word is read. This new series, "a compelling next door neighbor or friend" type of read is definitely a must read.
~ Sherrilyn Polf
Author of Christian Historical fiction-WWII era
Tyrone, Oklahoma

In her first series, The Nan's Heritage Series, Elaine Littau begins the saga of Nan and Fred Young. As they, their children, and their grandchildren make a living and a life in the Old West, Ms. Littau tells their stories of hardship, joy and sometimes sorrow. In the series, Fred Young and his sons, Elk and Ted, rescue several girls from a life of forced prostitution.
Myrtle Jennings is planning marriage to her beloved Nathaniel when she is kidnapped and carried off to a fur trappers camp in the Colorado mountains. Myrtle is among several girls that Fred Young and his sons rescue. When Myrtle is reunited with her parents, she retreats inwardly and though she had wanted to be a wife and mother, she vows to never let a man touch her again. Despite her struggles to believe that she would ever be worthy, God had not forgotten Myrtle, and He would help her live a normal life. That life would come to her in an unexpected way.

Ms. Littau takes us on a roller coaster of twists and turns, weaving a story of rescue, love, and forgiveness. I have read every book that Elaine Littau has written, and I never want the story to end. She has a way of drawing you in and making you feel like you are a part of every character she writes about. You will not be disappointed in Some Happy Day, the first of her new series: Rescued, A Series of Hope!

Judy Perry Drewett, author of the children's book, 'Til the Cows Come Home
From the second you begin reading, Elaine Littau's book "Some Happy Day" refuses to let you go. It is non-spot excitement and entertainment.
As anyone knows from reading any of Elaine's previous books from the Nan's Heritage Series, she weaves a web constructed of multiple characters who all interact with each other, which is fascinating to the reader. Elaine's newest book is the first in the series, Rescued...a Series of Hope. This new series promises to be as wonderful as the Nan's Heritage Series. 
Linda Taylor
In her latest work, “Some Happy Day” Author Elaine Littau weaves an incredibly dramatic story of survival through a set of twists and turns that absolutely captures the reader’s attention.  Clear and precise, Littau has clearly found her Christian voice as she pulls the reader into a world filled with adversity, intrigue and danger while reminding us that – “No one can take the love of God from you.”  I highly recommend this book for all readers. 
S. B. Newman, Author, “The Night Eagles Soared”
The Eyes of a Stranger:
5 stars
Review by: Tora Tyler on May. 11, 2011 :
Amazing writing! :) Loved it, even though I was lobbying for the sherriff until the very end! It didn't end the way I thought it would which is always a good thing. :) Well worth it.
Luke's Legacy
Reviewed by Fran Lewis
Stand inside the middle of a circle and look around at all of the family members standing along side of you. Look into their eyes; remember their smiles, faces and the expressions. Cherish this moment and never forget it. Family is precious and sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring us back into the fold and into that inner or inside circle. From the author of Elk's Resolve comes Luke's Legacy the third in the Nan's Heritage Series as we revisit with Nan, Fred, June, Sally, Luke and Purdy that they start on many new journeys, meet different people and one young man will learn what happens when you decide to leave that inner circle and go off in a new direction.

Luke and Purdy were best friends. Luke wanted adventure and find his own way. Purdy wanted to go to California hoping to find her real mother and the truth about why she abandoned her. What they do find and learn will transform their lives at times tear them apart inside and hopefully bring them back to the original inner circle. When the story opens we learn that Purdy and Luke have married and are going off on their own journey. As Purdy is adjusting to married life and living alongside many in a wagon train headed for California, Luke goes off with a friend and when he returns things drastically change. Wounded and seriously injured Purdy does more than any 15 year old girl would be capable of doing today, caring for him, tending to his wounds day and night, dealing the oxen, horses and preparing food for herself, Luke and his friend's mother. George and Luke had gone off together and George did not survive. Purdy took the role of friend and young daughter to George's mother and the end result will bring a smile to your face and renew your faith in people and love.

Hardworking, independent financially and in other ways, Purdy does her best to care for Luke but to no avail. Luke begins questioning his motives for marrying her and realizes that he wants more out of life and he is not sure that includes Purdy. When the head of the wagon train brings him a letter from his parents things would never be the same for him or for Purdy.

Meet, Ruby, Luke's sister. She is headstrong, in love with Andy and thinks her life would be better married to this young man and runs away with him. Never thinking about how they would live, not realizing that he was gone for long periods of time, Ruby learns early on how to fend for herself. But, when Andy returns and she hears him speaking to a doctor about her and wanting to do away with their unborn child, she does what any mother would do, escapes and hopes to find freedom and help somewhere else. Meeting a kind a caring Mexican family allowed Ruby to get stronger and hopefully find her way back to Nan and Fred her parents who were worried, terrified and were praying for her but somehow knew that would not bring her back. Sending her brother Elmer to search for Ruby would bring to light many other issues that families face and change things for both Nan and Fred forever.

Caring for herself was difficult. Caring for an unborn child even more. Andrew James, the man she ran away with is a liar, scoundrel and married to another woman who was rich and could give him the luxuries he thought he deserved. She could not give him the undying love he would get from Ruby. Leaving her alone without food and returning to her, he never considers the end result and Ruby is the one who ultimately suffers and pays the price. Searching for a settlement that she was directed to Ruby falls prey to illness and cannot go on for very long.

As the story continues we revisit with Nan and Fred and we learn more about the girls that were rescued in Elk's Resolve from prostitution and we meet Moses the man who saved Miranda and find out that he just might be reunited with his long lost wife as the story continues and my review of this inspiration, instructional and outstanding novel continues. Once again author Elaine Littau penned a story that reaches back in time when many people were trying to find new places to settle, when others just wanted to live and survive and one family learns the true meaning of God, prayer and unity. But, there are many hard lessons that have to be learned, lies that will be uncovered and deceits and trickery intertwined as Purdy learns many hard lessons before all is said and done and Luke reflects on his decisions and must decide where his life belongs and with who.

One letter, as I stated would change the dynamics of Luke and Purdy's lives. Finding out that his sister, Ruby ran away from home he leaves Purdy with the wagon train, not considering her feelings and abandons her to go and find his sister. Never thinking to tell her and leaving it to strangers to relate the message and the one who does, has other ideas in mind for Purdy. Not able to read she is at the mercy of others and has to believe what they tell her. That would soon change.

Purdy is not one to sit back and do nothing. She is not one to feel sorry for herself. Joining another wagon train she befriends a wonderful woman named Molly and her husband Horace and together they form a close bond. Meanwhile, Nan and Fred learn Ruby's fate and have to deal with their loss. When Luke returns home what he finds is not the warm welcome he expected. Nan and Fred remind him of his responsibility to his wife and send him back to Purdy. Unhappy, wanting more out of life and not really believing in God, prayer and his parent's beliefs, Luke heads back to where he thinks Purdy is and what he learns will either bring them together or permanently tear them apart.

Within this story there are several subplots that must be brought to light by this reviewer. Purdy when she finally does get to California meets her real mother and this is one encounter you will have to read for yourself as the author once again reinforces the fact that Purdy is strong, withstands adversity and is not easily fooled. Befriended by a young man named Abe, who is trying to win her away from Luke, thinking that he can convince her to be his wife and playing on the fact that Luke is gone, does not change her direction in life nor what she wants. Abe has his own real thoughts for Purdy and his connection to her real mother will not bring joy to anyone's life and will definitely endanger hers.

Purdy is not only smart but a great businesswoman too. Losing one thing but not others, she forges ahead, faces many hard times but in the end will she and Luke find their way back to each other. Luke falls prey to illness on his journey to finding Purdy. What or who will give him the strength to go on?

A story so powerful, so well told that everyone needs to read this with their families to understand how precious family love and support is. Nan and Fred are two people that you immediately love and can identify with as smart, nurturing parents who want their children to be independent, find their own way but always be part of their family and inner circle.

An ending that will definitely surprise the reader. One young girl named Purdy who is more than just a young 15 year old. One girl named Ruby who would give her family a precious gift and that keep her memory alive forever. Luke's Legacy: A must read for everyone. Love, friendships, loyalty, deceptions and lies are revealed. Truths be told but the story does not end here as Nan and Fred find a suitcase belonging to her mother and the story will come full circle in the final book: Timothy's Home when we hope all of the pieces will fit together. Find your own inner circle and decide on your destiny of legacy. Family is important and this book came to me at the right time. I just lost my mom and my sister. This family reminds the reader of how important it is to keep your faith and continue on. Thank you for giving me the honor of reading and reviewing this inspirational novel.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

I give this book: FIVE PURDIES
Book Review for Nan's Journey:
Nan’s Journey is one that many young women take. The story is set in the 1800’s but the themes of the story are timeless.  It is one of good vs. evil, abuse vs. healing, and about compassion and second chances.
It challenges our view of love not just being hot steamy romance.  It reminds us that love is courteous, caring, and puts the needs of others as our highest goals.  This is expressed by kind acts, unselfish choices, and sometimes, patient waiting.
As the story develops the author goes beyond the interrelationships with each other to their personal relationships with Jesus Christ.  In this the author is able to show clearly that the Lord has good plans for each of us and is able to help heal the deepest wounds. 
One loose end was left in Nan’s Journey and we will have to wait until the next book is written to see how it is resolved.
Carol Schultz-Weil
In The Trenches – Financial Survival During Times of Hardship

 Book Review For Elk's Resolve:
Elaine Littau lives in a town I visit several times a month. Elk's Resolve was for sale at a gas station I stop at each time before leaving town, and the book had interested me for a long time. I finally picked up the book a week ago Sunday, and could not put it down. I finished the book in a week, which for those that know me, know that is fast for me. If you enjoy books like the Love Comes Softly book you would enjoy this book. For me, it was even more tempting because she explores the difficulties that Native Americans often have in assimilating into white culture. Elk and the other characters will quickly get you emotionally attached, and you end up cheering for them all the way through the book. If you like Native American, Christian, or Western literature this is a great book to give a try.”
Nan's Journey and Elk,s Resolve are two of the most wonderful christian books we have ever read. They make you want to reach right in and give the characters a big hug. The best part is that they are written so both old and young can enjoy them. Elaine you have an extraordinary gift from God. Please keep them sweet books coming! We love them!
Donna, age 65 and Aleea age 14

"The best Christian fiction book I've read in years!" Janice Henson

"Really great book-can't wait for the next one. Keep it up. God bless."
Danna Castor

 "The best ever--everyone MUST read this book; it will remain in your heart forever! (This needs to be made into a movie!)
Gayle Henderson

"Nan's Journey was one of the best novels that I have read! It is one, that when you start reading, you will not want to put it down! Elaine has truly been blessed and gifted by the Lord to write books."
Kristi Pickett
"I thought it was wonderful and cannot wait for the next one."
Rene Gay Richardson

Read This Book!!!!!!!!!! Hey Everyone Just thought I'd throw this out there for all my friends..... YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "NAN's Journey" BY ELAINE LITTAU I just read this book, I'm telling you I could not put it down...I cannot wait until she has her second book out I'll be first to purchase one.... Elaine is from here in Perryton and she just recently publisher this first book "Nan's Journey" and it will shortly be released worldwide...You can get a copy of this book by calling or going 202-0204 by Blades and just ask for this book.....or just ask me I can get you one k....I think they run about $14.06.... I haven't even read a book in several years, since that book "The boy called it" that one Oprah talked about on her talk show and believe me this book is better, it is the best book I have ever read......Especially for any woman you won't want to put it down...When you read this book you actually feel as if you are the main character and endure all the hardships and happiness....OKAY OKAY I won't say anymore.........I can't wait until they make a movie about this book.... Elaine you are so talented!!!!!! I cannot wait for the following book...
Angie Landeros

I got the book, "Nan's Journey", yesterday when I got home from work. I thought I'd read a little bit, just to see what it was like, but I couldn't put it down. It was wonderful!!!! Elaine, you're a great story teller - can't wait to read Elk's Resolve. I love Nan's resilience. But it was really good to see how God worked in her life (with His plan) when she couldn't see how to get past the hurt and anger. I loved the story line - it really drew me in. What a blessing you are with your creativity. Keep it up!!!!

"Elaine Littau has written the story, "Nan's Journey", from the very core of her being. She is a passionate woman. Her love for God, her family, her friends, the way she speaks, the way she writes, is all done with passion. God has blessed her and allowed her to share one of her many talents with the world when she wrote "Nan's Journey"
Stacy Townsend
"Elaine is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known. In addition, she's creative and outright fun! I'm not at all surprised that she is also a successful author!"
Chris Samples, President
Chris Samples Broadcasting, Inc.
98.3 KXDJ

"Having pastored fifteen years, and as a lover of Christian fiction for over thirty years, it has been a joy to read the very moving story of Mrs. Littau's "Nan". I look forward to her future work and to the resolution of "Nan's Journey"."
R. Scott Barton
Senior Pastor of Harvest Time First Assembly of God Church

"Through Elaine's talent and imagination she has utilized her creative nature in this book. Nan will capture your heart as her life unfolds through sorrows and joys Nan learns to love, forgive and trust God through unpredictable twists and turns. This is a book I could not put down! I cannot wait for the sequel."
Melissa Otto

"I was first taken in by "Nan's Journey" and wanted more. I started "Elk's Resolve" and could not put it down. It is a wonderful story about family, how important it is, and that someone does not have to be blood related to be a part of it. Elaine gives her characters life; she is so detailed that you cannot help but want to know more. Elaine has also painted Colorado in words that make it easy to imagine the beautiful landscape. I can't wait for the next book in the Nan's Heritage Series."
Amber Lee

"Elk's Resolve" opens with a lesson that all Christians and non-Christians should take to heart; that there are angels, often in the form of ordinary people, who are ready and willing to lend a hand in our time of trouble.  Elaine skillfully introduces new characters in a follow-up to "Nan's Journey" and sets the stage for a compelling story about the hardships and triumphs of an earlier day in America.
She personally exemplifies the helping spirit displayed in both books, with her unselfish help with doctor appointments and other everyday needs which are often experienced by those whose driving skills have been made less acute with age, However, she does not limit herself to the older generation, but shows the same spirit of helpfulness to all she encounters. She truly exemplifies the Christian spirit which is evident in "Elk's Resolve". This is a must reading for anyone who read and enjoyed "Nan's Journey and wants an uplifting Christian novel."
Bob Bond, owner
Bond Financial Service

"What happened to the other twin? I'm sure this question was on the minds of many readers of "Nan's Journey". The author gently guilds Elk along the trail that leads him to his natural mother who knew in her heart he existed though some would tell her she was only dreaming. Steeped in Scripture and filled with the grace and love of God, it guides the reader to a new-found faith in God's plan of Salvation."
Geraldine Bond, owner
Bond Financial Service

"Elk's Resolve" answers many questions left from "Nan's Journey". Elaine does a wonderful job in "Elk's Resolve" telling of how harsh the West really was. This story stresses how the kindness of a stranger can be life changing. Just like "Nan's Journey". "Elk's Resolve" leaves you wanting more."
Gene Baker
Maintenance Operation Supervisor

"As a rule I only read non-fiction novels, but being courteous to my friends Elaine and Terry, bought her first novel, "Nan's Journey". To my surprise I could not put the book down and bought more copies to give to my daughters and daughters-in-law for Christmas. "Nan's Journey" kept my attention so much that I read the book in two days. The plot kept me hanging, so when Terry told me Elaine had finished her second book, "Elk's Resolve", I had to read it even before it was published. The two books combined were dramatic, suspenseful, but then a sense of calmness will sweep over you that will be hard to explain. So enjoy!! I sure did."
Chris Flores
office manager
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