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How I begin writing a book:
I have been asked this question many times, "How do you begin writing a book?"
  • I know that part of the work begins in my imagination.
  • I get ideas from songs, interviews on television, and newspaper articles.
  • My first book started from a childhood memory of a Gunsmoke episode. There was a scene that stood out in my head about a little girl who had been beaten.
   1) I thought of this scene years later.
       a) The girl's back was bloody- Who did it?
         b) Why did they do it?
         c) What if she had a brother or sister?
         d) Which would be the better choice?
         e) How old would the sibling be?
         f)   How would she protect him?
         g) How would they get away in the 1800s?
         h) What would happen to them?
 The process goes on from there.
For "The Eyes of a Stranger" the thought process went like this:
Gertie was intoduced in "Luke's Legacy". At first I thought that Gertie would have a happy home life that she left behind in Ohio. That sounded uninteresting to me.
She was a mail-order bride who was rejected by an older would-be groom.
What would her options be as an eighteen year old girl in 1868? Would she go home? Would she live in Colorado?
Who would she fall in love with? Would she fall in love at all?
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